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Nov 18, 2013 2:15am EST
people up into gainful employment, and people at the very bottom levels do use opportunity. pretty well-established. they just want to be able to degree their way into the mainstream economy. and then the other thing, it will. draw revenues, and revenues can be -- wanted to do some social spending to be able to do it. god is asleep up there. doesn't have any money so we have to grow our own. >> let me interrupt for a second. in this country, as we all agree, we want to expand the pie. or that -- whatever one metaphor one wants to use, but you mentioned some of the countries -- just take india and china. obviously they most populated countries, 1.2 billion plus or minus each. fundamentally different approaches to growth. i assume it's not something that growth matters but somewhere along the idea that there's got to be some competing models. indeed india and china are often held out as the two iconic models of development. not just for asia but for the world. so, seems to me it's not that growth matters but i assume a subset is how you grow or attempt to grow matters? >> that's very impo
Nov 24, 2013 8:00am EST
understand they want us to reach out more. we have to reach out in a sensible realistic way. one of the problems is the peace thinking of the peace concept will not renew in 20 years of reality refuted them time after time. this is why we need fresh thinking. it will not try to sell today is a new car or a 25-year-old chevy. so it's time to think fresh. and to describe it in a sentence. when israelis open their hearts and say it's a good pc to 93 the result was the wave of terror and exploding in jerusalem. when israelis took it to step forward in the camp david peace agreement 2000, the result was the worst suicide army terror offenses ever. when israelis open their heart the third time and withdrew from the gaza strip, the result was rockets coming and making life in southern israel impossible. after three such experiences, data centers and a bobo middle of the road real estate, well-meaning israelis are astray. their fears are somewhat justified. yet, i say let's not surrender to fear, but let they can bring out a new, creative idea of how we move forward, learn from lessons o
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2